Om Shantipi is a family run business, we specialise in producing alternative natural style clothing for men and women. We love the variety of fabrics available in India and Nepal; bright colors inspire us to create everyday clothing that Using mainly cottons our clothing is available in different sizes geared to the Australian market. Based in beautiful Byron Bay NSW Australia we offer our customers the opportunity to buy our gear at retail or wholesale prices,

our gear will brighten up your shop and is ideal for market stalls or party plans.
Apart from our clothing lines we also have a variety of crafts and home wares, bed covers, throws, rugs, leather sandals and shoes. Beads sold by weight, incense, heaps of different bags and scarves, flags and prayer flags.

Twice a year we travel to the Far East to assemble the next seasons collections; over the years we have forged great friendships with the factories we work with.
Our manufacturing processes are ethical,
we know personally the people who create the fabrics,
from the loom to the dying and sewing of every garment.
In our business we strive to provide personal service, wholesaling our products to you in a variety of ways.
Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive and
our quality is to the highest standard.
We welcome you to join the Om Shantipi family.

Peace Love and Light.